How to Play Caravan

Caravan: The Card Game

Caravan is a new and exciting strategy-rich, two-person card game. Adapted for live play from its original video game origin, Caravan is easy to learn, offers optional scoring methods and features poker style betting with antes, calls and raises!

The object of Caravan is simple; on three opposing sets of cards called “caravans”, each player tries to accumulate at least 21 points, but no more than 26 points. A caravan within the 21-26-point range is considered “sold”. The first player to sell at least two of the three caravans, wins the hand. Players must follow certain rules for building caravans. Value (number) cards are the source of points during play. Face cards are used for special purposes.

Unlike other card games, Caravan has its own “culture” based on personalization. Because each player uses his own deck during play, it’s totally cool to use your own special or novelty deck. Bottle caps, foreign coins or other small, unique objects are often used as tokens to indicate caravans that have been sold. And although not mandatory, a good game of Caravan should be accompanied by music, preferably from the early 20th century.

Whether you like cards a little or a lot, Caravan is a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable game for two.

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