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“How to Play Caravan – The Definitive Guide” is now available from Amazon.

Caravan is the world’s newest two-person, strategy-rich card game. The object is to build points on three opposing sets of cards called “caravans”. The first player to accumulate at least 21 points but no more than 26 points on at least two of the three caravans, wins the hand.

Caravan was created as a game within the video game Fallout: New Vegas. Because Caravan uses standard playing cards, fans of the video game quickly adapted Caravan for play “in real life”. Now, HTPC has codified the rules for the first time to create a fun, engrossing and even whimsical version of Caravan that any card game enthusiast will love.

Bottle caps, collected as currency in the video game, are now used as markers when a caravan is “sold”

Because each player uses his own cards, novelty, collectible and specialty decks are encouraged

Play Caravan using a full, deck, or agree to play a version that allows players to modify their decks for maximum advantage

Caravan is a wagering game, and HTPC features an optional poker-like betting system for those who like to gamble

A new and innovative points-based scoring system rewards strategic play and promotes more competitive matches There’s a lot to like about Caravan, and this guide makes it easy to learn and enjoy. Caravan is sure to become the latest addition to your card game repertoire!

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