A few minutes ago, I clicked “Publish” on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing page and launched my first book: “How to Play Caravan – The Definitive Guide”. Thus begins my personal crusade to bring Caravan out of obscurity and introduce it to a wider audience.

The book has been a labor of love that I started more than five years ago. I worked on it in fits and starts and for many long periods the manila folder holding my drafts and notes sat on the bookcase collecting dust. But even while mired in inertia, I never doubted that the project was worthwhile. It’s just that I’d get to it “tomorrow”. Shortly after starting the book, I purchased a deck of cards on Kickstarter that I fell in love with.

Ornate Obsidian

I sent in my $14 and waited several months for them to arrive. When they did, I was at first tempted to open them right away, but then I looked over and saw my folder. So I put the deck away and vowed not to open it until the day I published HTPC. So it still took five years, but I kept my vow and the deck has remained intact.

Tonight, I’m going to sip a vodka martini and have a look at my new cards.

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